«Peace and Love» Yoga Art Event. Battery Park, New York Sept,15 2016

Namaste, dear friends!
E-ART-H Group would like to invite you to the «Peace and Love» Yoga Art Event on September 15th, 2016 at 5.30 AM at Battery Park, New York . There is an open contemporary exhibition «12 Globes» situated right on the Pier in front of the Ritz Hotel and NYFA. If you live an active modern life in and believe that Yoga is a part of Global Art, this is for you!

We are going to do a light meditation and then the traditional complex «Surja Namaskar» (Sun Salutation), a circle of a 12 basic yoga asanas. And it is a perfect place to do this, because there are 12 different globes there (see the pictures in the video).
Also, we would love to create a word, either PEACE or LOVE using different body position — yoga asanas. So come and bring your friends — yogis and everyone who are interested in that project. We are going to have a good time together this wonderful place with a beautiful view of the Hudson — the heart of NYC, where all elements and planets meet!
We will be waiting for everybody September 15th at 5.30 am. It is a real yoga to wake up before a sun rise for an early morning meditation and personal practice! And it is the time when our mind, soul and body are in balance and calm, so we can feel a pure light, be natural and creative, and use the energy straight from the first ray of the Sun!
Let’s be the One with a Universe and create a new vision of our wonderful World, full of Light, Peace and Love! Please be on time — like a SUN.
Also please share this with other Yogis.

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