Предложение о проведении Кино Фестиваля «Я люблю Мир» на острове Самуи


and rewarding Samui / Thailand / Worlds cultural people

History How festival «I love world» started

Oct 1 2015 The First Movie Festival in Yalta «I LOVE WORLD»
There was shown 45 short movies 3-5 min each about:

  • Love to Earth
  • Love Nature
  • Love to Environment
  • Honesty
  • Peace
  • Friendship
  • Faith
  • Love to Animals
  • Art
  • Children of Earth
  • About Universe
  • About Buddism


The first  festival «I LOVE WORLD» happened  as opening for PeaceMeking Forum held by our company fund PeaceMaker and Ury Safronov in Yalta in famous Livadian Palace, where Truman, Stalin and Churchill signed World War 2 peace agreement 1945 Please check videos below (In Russian Language but you will see how event was done)

These pictures are from PeaceMaking Forum where all these famous people were rewarded.






These are the orders and medals that we use to reward PeaceMakeers of the world. We would like to Reward Khun Ramneed and other cultural and movie people of Thailand, Asia and the world when we make Festival on Koh Samui.

 Please watch Crimea TV video report 1 about Movie Festival

Please Watch Crimea TV Video Report 2

 See short 1 min clip about FESTIVAL

Idea is to make Same Festival  on Ko Samui 2017 ( January or February)

We are looking for place to make world famous yearly festival on Samui or Bali.

Samui is great Island because it is so beautiful and  natural and well known in the world. No visa needed for guests from all over the world (they can get stamp) . It is easy to come and easy to have great time. Sabai Sabai.

Below is the picture of Movie Festival in Kosta Rica. Our festival can look the same.

We can do it on open air and need public place to make it like Chaveng Lake or Muslim Village boardwalk or some other place. Need Stage sounds. Promoters and support from Ko Samui and Surat Thani goverment and Ministry of tourism. We believe that this event can promote Koh Samui.

We would like to invite big movie starts from All over the world and promote the event online.

Also invite Thai Cultural people to reward them for making peace on Planet.

Would  like to invite people  Luc Besson, Bono, Jim Carrey, Sergey Mikhalkov, Sandra Bullock,

and other world  famous people. This even is also great as education because the films that we show are helping kids and grown ups be more kind, love nature, love people, respect environment and

We will do lots of Art Events and visuals during festival.

Invite world and Thai bands and make it really nice and we hope that we can do that event every year,

Of coarse we would need support.

PLease visit http://sunartcenter.com/post/festival-koh-samui/  to watch the videos about festival in Crimea that we made or please check it on the Flash Card that i give to Mr.Pek.

And lets meet in few month to discuss if you like the idea.

My contact information Skype: Peace888, Email: [email protected]